Kentucky Basketball Postgame Quotes Kentucky vs. Georgetown Rupp Arena – Lexington, Ky. Oct. 27, 2019 Georgetown College Head Coach Chris Briggs

Georgetown College Head Coach Chris Briggs 

Opening Statement… 

“First, I just wanted to say what an amazing experience that is for our young men. To get the chance to come into Rupp Arena and play the Kentucky Wildcats, it’s something a lot of people dream of and most kids in Kentucky dream of playing for the Kentucky Wildcats, like this young man (Jake Ohmer) and I probably did. But playing against them is special to a group and we are appreciative of Coach Calipari and Mitch Barnhart and DeWayne Peevy over here. It is an awesome experience for our young men and I cannot thank you enough for the hospitality and having us here today. Proud of our guys. I felt like they competed. We got down early and dug ourselves out of a hole and kind of chipped away there for a little bit. It just kind of got out of hand. But, that is a really talented Kentucky Wildcat team and we will be pulling for them all year long. So, proud of this gentleman right here too (Ohmer). He picked up where he left off in the state tournament. We were practicing in here yesterday and I am running up and down and getting a little exercise in here before we start and I said, ‘Jake, how many did you score in here? About 100?’ and he looked at me and said, ‘106, Coach.’ He knew and he got 25 tonight. Proud of him and the way he competes and the way that he battles.”

On the size of Kentucky… 

“Definitely. They are so long. 6’10”, 6’10”, 6’8” it seems like. I think I said to them a couple times that if you drive in those trees, then you have to pass it up for a three instead of driving up in those trees and getting it knocked up unto the eighth row. But, the length and athleticism they have is definitely impressive and tough to score on. I thought they played pretty well. We just touched on the rebounds. When they told me in the locker room that we outrebounded them, I couldn’t believe it. I thought our guys defended and rebounded well. Just, our guys understand that it is unacceptable when we have four assists in a basketball game. You are not going to win any game with four assists. That is something that we will fix. We are playing Kentucky. We are not going to see that talent the rest of our season. I feel the guys we have, I did not get as many minutes off the bench as I wanted to. But, that is life I guess. They will get their chance next time. We play three more games this week. We got Tuesday night at home, Friday and Saturday. So, it will be really good for us to work on those things and get a little chemistry and get a little confidence about it.” 

On rebounding tonight… 

“I don’t think so because we missed a bunch of shots. So, you are going to get an offensive rebound when you cannot get a shot, so there is some of them. I thought they played tough. I was impressed with their defensive intensity and toughness. Yeah, we outrebounded them, but they took a lot of things away from us. We were trying to go guard-to-guard on top and they were taking it away and we almost got them on the back door. We need to go back door on someone who is 6’8” who will dunk it instead of a 6’1” white-guy three-point shooter. That was my fault. I was impressed with their toughness. They are young. That is what I told our guys in there. We have the experience. They have some older guys and some transfers, but these are young guys and I think we did just fine.” 

On how teams can change between now and the next three months… 

“A lot. A lot. I have seen teams look awful this time of year and make runs in a post-season tournament. I think teams definitely, it is a process. It is a long season. You are talking October to March. That is a long time. There is tons of room for improvement for both teams.” 

Georgetown Student-Athletes

#2Jake Ohmer, Jr., G

On what drove your performance

“I just came in here with the mindset that we just had to run the floor and be confident with ourselves. We obviously didn’t dowhat we wanted. We didn’t run as much, but we rebounded well. I just thought that our team could’ve been a little more unselfish, but besides that I think we did fine.”

On what you saw from Ashton Hagans

“He was a real competitive player. He likes to get up in you and guard you. You really just had to make him think. Sometimes you had to shoot, sometimes you had to get past him, but he was a tough defender to play against for sure.”

On what happened against the sequence of him and Nick Richards

“When I came down, he pulled up. When I shot and came down,he landed straight on the top of my left foot.”